• 1. Idols are designed for the purpose of conveying a higher value, the Ideal, Absoluteness.
  • 2. Bhakti is as dynamic and magnificent as dramatised wars of Ramayana or Mahabharata, the enemy within is eliminated.
  • 3. Meditation is residing in the Lord in every breath
  • 4. The spirit of kindness and Bhakti are two sides of a coin.
  • 5. Life ought to be lived enthusiastically, cheerfully and exhilaratingly until the last.
  • 6. ‘Caste’ is an allocation of work depending upon one’s talent and calibre.
  • 7. A home becomes a veritable heaven if everyone shifts their focus from ‘me’ and ‘mine’ to the larger picture, to the unit of ‘one’ family.
  • 8. If the residual thinkers are removed from the world, humanity shall swiftly vanish.
  • 9. The individual is like an elastomer with the Atman within every molecule and holding them together.
  • 10. Vedanta is a bold science and strives to explain what cannot be casually conveyed.
  • 11. The future could be changed, as it is yet to be entirely fashioned.
  • 12. Like a billionaire does not bother about small change, one established in God-consciousness does not attribute much value to worldly activity.
  • 13. Greatest of joy derived from world is when one does not have a desire to contact it.
  • 14. Vedanta declares: You are not for world, worlds are for you.
  • 15. ‘Investigate and relish Truth’ is the purpose of human life.

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Sindhiyat is a route map. Directing its reader towards Peace and prosperity.
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