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Tulsidas Pahuja is a student of Indian philosophy, the Principles of right living, for two decades. After having worked as a shop floor engineer, he entered into the manufacturing business. With due progress, his attention rose to spiritual subjects. A quest which brought him to his guru and he undertook an intensive study on a few important Scriptural texts. He completed his diploma in Vedanta Philosophy after a study of the Bhagavad Gita, 4 major Upanishads as well as other scriptural texts. 

Along with the study and research on Vedantic principles, Tulsidas has also continued his work in the industry. His daily routine includes early morning studies and writing, a regimen of YogaPraanayama and attending to other obligations as well.

This world is not meant for suffering. In fact, it is beautiful, replete with resources, well worth exploration. It can be enjoyed only if one adopts a lifestyle based on Love, compassion, cohesiveness, Oneness. Sindhiyat facilitates establishing ‘Oneness’, friendship, cohesive existence. It enables one eradicate fear and anxiety, sorrows and miseries. Guides one towards brotherhood, God. The book is meant for every human, not limited to Sindhi community.

Man is a social animal. None can live in isolation. All beings are interdependent. But everyone has a definite role in life, and all put together is the melody of life. Anyone egoistically segregating himself ought to suffer. Sufferings are due to ego and selfishness. If ego and selfishness are eradicated from society, members shall enjoy the company of each other. They shall experience ‘Satya yuga’, golden age as it were. Sindhi community was the earliest to experience it. Sindhi language, culture, religion, God all are designed to provide right direction to mankind. They have been integrated systematically into this book Sindhiyat.

What holds all beings together is a supreme Power termed God. This Power is common to all, It functions as prime Mover, energy Source, a binding Force. On account of God all are related to each other, coordinate with each other, uplift each other and can enjoy together.

God cannot be explained. Some great Souls however have developed symbols and symbolism to explain God. It has proved to be quite successful for initiating the enquiry into and examination of God. Concepts and pictures of Hindu God, Sindhi / Hindu stories and anecdotes, rituals, festivals, pilgrimages etc are meant to educate man to explore inner Self, to experience Bliss. Lord Jhulelal is Sindhi deity whose story is effectively used to explain intricate Hindu philosophy.

A deity is personal, familial, community god representing that supreme God. Through a known deity one marches towards the unknown God. Not only God, but there are very many laws of nature which are unknown to mankind. Man’s quest for unearthing these laws goes on perennially. Indian as well as other sages invested lifetimes to investigate laws and their Supreme maintainer, God. Their laboratory was this wide world and substances for experimentation were the experiences of life. They have unequivocally declared reality of God and recommended to research on Him by using symbols of gods, deities. Sindhis adopted Jhulelal as their preferred deity.

The life and story of Jhulelal is enjoyable, inspiring and helps one investigate the Reality. Jhulelal represents the life-giving water in desert, warmth in cold climes, saviour in calamity, hope for the hopeless, guide for the ignorant, solace in despair, God in humans and Atman in individual.

Sindhiyat decodes story of Jhulelal and hand holds its reader to discover Truth.

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Sindhiyat is a route map. Directing its reader towards Peace and prosperity.
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