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Sindhiyat is a lifestyle. It guides humans towards their destination—Happiness. One looks for happiness in every nook and corner of life. All sciences bloom due to the quest for happiness. It seems Happiness lies in obscurity, and each one is given this riddle to explore It. Sindhiyat helps solve the riddle.

Tulsidas Pahuja is a student of Indian philosophy, the Principles of right living, for two decades. After having worked as a shop floor engineer, he entered into the manufacturing business. With due progress, his attention rose to spiritual subjects. A quest which brought him to his guru and he undertook an intensive study on a few important Scriptural texts.

7 Symbols of Daryahi Pant

  • Verho / Ring
  • Deeo / A light
  • Kantha / Pakhar
  • Degh
  • Tegh / A sword
  • Dhokla / Damaru
  • Jhari / Kalash

Idol of Jhulelal

Hindus worship God through His symbol, the idol. Idols are designed for the purpose of conveying a higher value, the Ideal, Absoluteness. Idols act as directions / indicators towards the human goal of pure Bliss. Much thought has gone into designing this concept of idol. Each idol may be unique but all of them direct towards the same Destination. Without an idol to aid worship religious practices become oft barren, sapless.  An Idol adds charm to the passage of devotees. Emotions are very many and are powerful enough to topple, even destroy the human personality.

Life and Story of Jhulelal

The region around the banks of river Sindhu was rich in cultural values and heritage. Ancient sages had greatly contributed to it. It was not only prosperous in terms of wealth but also rich in spiritual values. The people, in general, were peaceful and happy. This attracted many foreigners. Greed and aggrandisement soon entered Sindh. Many Hindu Sindhis were converted. One of the provinces called Thatta was overtaken by Mirkshah, who was a personification of fanaticism and tyranny. He was advised by his courtiers to use his power to convert peace-loving people to his religion.

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Sindhiyat is a route map. Directing its reader towards Peace and prosperity.
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