This website is meant for promoting, study and research on ‘Sindhiyat’, the Sindhu sabhyata. To bring Sindhis on common platform, establish unity and inculcate Sindhi values as derived from life and story of Jhulelal is prime motto. Hindu Sindhis are stateless and are scattered all over world, it is difficult for them to come together physically to promote their culture. Sindhu culture is rich in heritage, it needs to be preserved and promoted if humanity desires to be peaceful. This platform shall provide inputs needed for study and reflection on teachings of Jhulelal and values derived from Sanaatan Dharma, ancient Vedic teachings. Unity, initially amongst Sindhis and later in all human beings is essential for promoting peace and harmony. The ultimate aim of every human being is uninterrupted Happiness, Sindhiyat shall guide every visitor towards that Goal.

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